While many people these days recognize the importance of making a financial plan for their future by investing their assets in a prudent fashion, it is easy to overlook the importance of making plans to secure assets in the event of a serious illness or incapacity. Having a plan in place can alleviate stress and hardship to loved ones while ensuring that your wishes are respected.

A Power of Attorney enables you to delegate to an individual of your choice the authority to manage your financial affairs. In situations where you wish to grant authority to another on a wider range of issues, such as healthcare related decisions, a Representation Agreement may be appropriate.

In the event that incapacity arises and there is no Power of Attorney or Representation Agreement in place, it may be necessary to apply to Court for a committeeship. This is an Order of the Court which allows you to manage the financial affairs of an incapacitated individual. There are numerous documents required and medical evidence must be submitted.

South Point Law Centre can provide competent advice to help you determine if a Power of Attorney or a Representation Agreement is appropriate for you. In the event that an application for a committeeship is required, we can prepare all documentation and apply to Court for the appropriate Order.