Surrey Family Mediation

During a divorce or separation, you and your spouse will have to split your assets, belongings and custody of your children. This can involve a long and painful court battle where a judge decides how everything will be divided, leaving you no say in the matter. However, litigation and court hearings are not the only option. In Surrey, family mediation can be an excellent way for you and your spouse to make decisions about your belongings and children together, rather than having a court decide.

What is Mediation?
Mediation involves finding a solution in a non-confrontational environment involving both parties and their mediator. A mediator is specially trained in family dynamics and has experience helping people resolve conflict. He or she will act as a neutral party that will help facilitate conversation and allow the two parties to find their own solutions, rather than imposing solutions as the court system would do. Though some mediators are also lawyers, they are not present to represent either party and will not provide legal advice.

Develop Better Communication with Mediation
Any time a relationship ends, it can be hard to communicate openly with your former partner or spouse. Both parties are often feeling hurt and sad, leading to bottled up feelings that are hard to express. Mediation can help both parties express their feelings in a constructive way as the mediator will guide the conversation and keep communication open. This can be especially useful in situations where children are involved. Even though you and your spouse are no longer a couple, you must now transition into a co-parenting relationship. Mediation will help you develop better channels of communication to build this new relationship.

We’re Surrey’s Choice for Family Mediation

At South Point Law Centre, we offer Surrey residents family mediation as an alternative to dispute resolution. The mediation process is usually a much quicker process than going through the courts and allows you and your spouse the freedom to come to agreements together. Resolving your separation with a mediator is often much less expensive than going to court and is done in a private setting. If you and your partner wish to resolve your family law matters through remediation, contact us to arrange an appointment.

Need Legal Advice?
Even if you are already in the mediation process, it is sometimes helpful to get the advice of a lawyer to help you fully understand what is fair under the law. This will ensure that you understand your options and get a fair outcome. If you have undertaken mediation somewhere else, but wish to obtain advice during the process or with respect to a tentative agreement reached, we can assist you.

When residents in Surrey require family mediation, they turn to the experienced team at South Point Law Centre. Call to schedule a consultation and we can help determine if mediation is right for your situation.