Divorce Lawyers in Surrey

Ending a spousal relationship through divorce is a difficult, life-altering decision. In some cases, there are no outstanding matters to resolve between the divorcing couple. However, often times there are sensitive issues pending, such as property division, spousal support, child support and parenting issues.

In Canada, divorce may be obtained on one of three grounds: (1) separation for not less than one year (2) adultery or (3) cruelty. Obtaining a divorce also requires an application to court for an Order for Divorce. And when there are children involved, prior to divorce, the courts will inquire into whether reasonable provisions are made for the support of the children.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your separation or divorce, it is imperative that you seek professional legal advice, in order to ensure that your rights, your family, your assets and your finances are protected.

At South Point Law Centre, our experienced divorce lawyers in Surrey can provide you with advice on your intended divorce, and process all of the documents required for your Divorce Order. We also offer family mediation as an alternative to dispute resolution.

If you are pursuing a separation or divorce, there is no need to handle it alone. Contact the divorce lawyers Surrey trusts at South Point Law Centre to arrange an appointment. We’ll use our experience and compassion to help you navigate this complicated and emotionally-charged time.

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