When parties separate, there are often issues regarding division of property. Property can include not only a house or a car but also monies in accounts, investments, R.R.S.P.’s and pensions. Further there may be questions regarding interests in a business, jewellery, hobbies, insurances, memberships and other assets. Inheritances or the extent to which property is acquired through inherited monies can also be the subject of dispute.

In many cases there are debts to be dealt with and parties need to determine their respective responsibility for the same.

When deciding to separate, it is important to seek advice at the outset to ensure that your interest in property is protected. You will need to ensure that you have adequate knowledge of assets and that the appropriate valuations are performed.

Lawyers at South Point Law Centre have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with competent advice regarding the complexities involved in division of property. We are there to help ensure that your rights are protected.