If separating parties have children, arrangements will need to be made concerning the custody and guardianship of the children. Essentially this means who will be assuming the day to day care of the children and who will be making decisions concerning the children. Sometimes one parent may have sole custody and guardianship and sometimes that is jointly shared with the other parent. In some cases it is important to set out who has primary residency of the children.

Separating parents will also need to consider what access arrangements will be best for their children. This means what time will be spent with each parent. Consideration will need to be given to the age of the children, the children’s schedules, the availability of each parent and, in some cases, the parenting abilities of each parent.

On occasion it is necessary to have other professionals such as counselors and psychologists involved in the process to provide valuable advice.

While there are a variety of parenting arrangements that can be made, but in every case it is the best interests of the children that should prevail.

At South Point Law Centre our lawyers can help you understand the complex legal issues that arise concerning parenting after separation. We can help negotiate an appropriate arrangement and, if necessary, make the appropriate application to Court to resolve matters.