Contract Disputes

It is a fact of life that most, if not all, significant transactions involving the sale of goods, services or property are governed by written agreements. Unfortunately, from time to time, unexpected may situations may arise that render the performance of the contract problematic.

Whether you require the assistance of a lawyer in interpreting your rights and obligations under an agreement or in enforcing the agreement, the lawyers at South Point Law Centre can assist you.

Wrongful Dismissal

Whenever an employment relationship ends, it is important to consider such factors, such as whether the employer had the right to terminate the employee, should the employee have been given prior notice of the termination, or is the employee entitled to severance pay?

In situations where an employee resigns from a job, it is important to determine whether the employee’s decision to do so was voluntary, or whether the employer “forced” the employee to quit.

If you require assistance in understanding your rights and obligations, the lawyers at South Point Law Centre can assist you.