The obligation to support a child after separation falls on both parents. Sometimes, as well, there is an obligation which falls upon a step-parent.

The Child Support Guidelines provide the basis for support. How much is payable will depend upon the income of the payor and the parenting arrangements that are in place. Child support may be payable for an adult child in some cases.

Reference to the Guidelines Tables will provide a figure payable for basic support. There may, however, also be special or extraordinary expenses which are payable in addition to the basic support. It is important to determine whether a particular expense qualifies as a special or extraordinary expense and, if so, to then determine the proportionate amount payable by each party for that expense. It may involve considering the after-tax cost of the expense.

Child support, unlike spousal support is neither taxable in the hands of the receivor nor a tax deduction in the hands of the payor.

Lawyers at South Point Law Centre are familiar with the calculations involved in determining child support payments and can advise you on the obligations for payment of support.